Question of the Day. Day One.

Define with one of the sences your first encounter as a framewalker during the meet and greet session and why?

I felt my heartbeat. Because of excitement, joy and anxiousness. Francesca

The encounter hit my ears, already before even placing one foot into the building. So many powerful voices that empowered each other spiralling up into a common moment of joy and laughter. Tim

The smell of a tropical fruit market. Because of all the colourful and delicious fruits.
Prince: I felt comfort and understanding, because there was some form of connection among the framewalkers. Celia

I got to know the rest of the participants through the words or introductions made about them. I heard their names and about their personalities. With my ears I paid attention. Christian

I saw beautiful people with amazing talents and warm smiles and hearts that make me forget about any worries. Evelyn

I saw a big sea of faces, familiar and non-familiar. Teya

I saw everything. The encounter appears as a colourful rainbow of possibilities.
Angelina: It tastes like cold fruit juice, because different individuals came together with a cold taste of something new. Melih

Superb as with my eyes I saw different people with different creative skills. Esther

There was a sense of warmth in the room feeling excitement in the air. Yaa Yaa

Full of powerful colours. David

It smelt like the aroma from a buffet of different recipes because everybody had something distinct to share. Dr So

Seeing, as if I was locked up. Carl

A clear and thoughtful talk and welcoming voice. Marouf

New faces, nice pretty and handsome faces, everyone was happy. Alicia

With my skin I felt the energy of everyone around. Sarah

The eagerness to get to know new friends and learn something new. Benjamin

It was very involving, nice interaction. Samera

The smell of the bigger space turned to smell of bodies. The feeling of not being alone grew into my conscience. Eric

I saw and experience a positive energy and connection since everyone was ready to share. Sena

I saw the real of connection between us, ready for the battle. Samira

My eyes saw different humans from different nations with different talents, coming together for one reason. Justina

I was looking around the room and seeing all the peoples faces, all the different countries and backgrounds was very interesting. Nick

My sense of sight was interrupted by a creative interaction between a comedian and a rapper. Bella

I felt I naturally connected with everyone because of how welcoming they were. Angelica

I felt very comfortable after getting to know every participating party due to their ways of conversating, even though I normally am not too good with crowds, and welcoming one into their midst despite of feeling a little nervous since I have never had such an experience before. Bill

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