Question of the Day. Day Three.

If encounter were a colour, what would it be and why?

Bright orange, because it confronts and agitate my sense of sight. Bella

Green, it represents nature and hope to me these are nature’s children.  There is the hope that if we encounter each other that we will harmonize. Alicia

Gray, this is because it’s smooth and tempting. Dr So

White, because it’s clear. Sometimes white can be very transparent and allows light to pass through. It can also reflect light, this means when we have an encounter we take something inside us and give something out. Esther

Green, because it’s attractive. Prince

Blue, it’s like sharing the same sky even though we all different. Esteban

Green, for me is something new and fresh. Melih

Red, because of the rush of heat of uncertainty, you never knows what to expect, however you got to get prepared. Yaa Yaa

Green, because it’s fresh. Francesca

Red, it represents danger sometimes you need the blood to take the risk. Eric

Green, because it stands for nature, new, fertility and it’s natural. Angelica

Red, cause it’s strong and powerful. I believe when you encounter something or someone you find some sort of power or force to keep you going. Evelyn

Yellow, because to me it’s like the warmth of the sun sometimes that is a good feeling. Justina

Black/White, because white represent light of day and black the night and this I encounter almost every day. Benjamin

Green, a lot of my favourite encounters are with nature. Nick

Green, because encounter is something natural and green is the colour of nature. Celia

Black, cause from my perspective its echo’s other colours added to it. Thus it brings other colour to life. Sena

Red, because its symbolizes connection or union. Samera

Black, cause it’s hard to see the colour black at night or when it’s dark. Sometimes we do not know when we even had an encounter. Christian

Black, because everything will stained by it once they made contact or interacted with it. Karl

Orange, because even though its full of power and colour like red and yellow, it’s very harmonic. Betty

It would be white; a blank canvas for people to mix their experiences. Teya

Red, because it’s symbolizes connection or union. Samira

It would be red like wine, having the spirit of danger and signal as well as the calming people shade of friendship and coziness and the alcohol helps to open up and reduce protective forces. Tim

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