Question of the Day. Day Two.

Eagerness, because I am expecting too much and can’t wait to experience it all. Samira

Surprise, because you don’t know what will come across. Benjamin

Interesting. Because it is something new or unusual that happens. Evelyn

Appealing. Because to have the chance to occasionally meet people of different cultures is amazing and I’m living every little experience. Samera

Mysterious and more so. Because each encounter wether conscious or not is a total different and independent experience from the other. Karl

Beautiful. I think encounters can be awkward but I believe that experiencing something new is beautiful. Nick

Risk, because you never know what will turn out of it. Sarah

Wired, because encounter happens randomly and out of it comes negative or positive experience. Sena

Spiritual, because what happens in the spiritual world is mystery to the living world. You need to be sensitive and ritualistic to embrace the mystery. You need to equip yourself to encounter the encounter. Eric

Close, you have to be somehow close the object or person you encounter.  If it’s bad or good, small or big, important or just happening accidentally, you are for one moment close to it.
Melih: Revealing, You don’t encounter something you already know. There is always something new. Francesca

Protective. Because the first reaction to it is checking out the safety of the situation. It’s a decision after this very first instant moment to step ahead and open up to receive whatever you encounter. Tim

Decisive, because every encounter a person goes through determine how the person will turn out to be after the encounter. Christian

Beautiful, because the end result of every encounter is different living in the suspense of not knowing the end from the beginning is what I find beautiful. Dr So

Adventure, because to be a part of framewalk is an encounter of a lifetime. Justina

Sudden, is something that happens unexpected or unplanned, cause I believe no one plans and encounter. Prince

Adventurous. Because you never know if the encounter will be good or bad for you. Angelina

Transparent. Because just by encountering you get to know everything better. Celia

Unexpected, because it implies an art of spontaneity to the interaction that it is something that will not happen the same again. Teya

Abrupt. Because it represents things or actions happening without a plan. Angelica

Strange. Because I find myself again in a place with people, who remind me of home. Esteban

Amazing. Because you get to do, know, hear, see things that you may not have fathomed before. Esther

Valuable. Because every new experience is a new chance. Bill

Anxious. Because I’m not sure what to expect and it makes me nervous uneasy. Yaa Yaa

Impressive. Because it leaves a print mark or lesson in your life. Marou:

Curiosity. Because it allows an encounter to happen. Bella

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