Question of the Day. Day Five.

What is special about (this) Framewalk and why?

The participants. When you look at the consultation, you see people of colour to 95 percent but 55 percent of them were German. People get irritated when I show them a picture of this particular framewalk group, because they don’t see ‚Germans‘. This makes this group special… The constellation is a walking statement. Germany is not white. Jack

Sleeping together in the studio. It was fun. The idea of ladies and gentleman sleeping together in one small room. It was fun and nice to wake up in the night and see so many people sleeping side by side. Sometimes some of the German participant even came and joined us. Sometimes we just argued till after 12 midnight. Esther

The topic encounter. This is because though this topic I learnt how to accommodate people in their given space and socialize with them. Prince

The number, this is because is actually disputes the saying the fewer the merrier but this time the more people the more fun, act, unity and encounter. Very special. Karl

On the first day I felt already how much I would miss the Ghanians after they would go back. To pick one thing as the most special: the energy and presence on stage or in every moment in front of the audience. That was very pushing and impressive. Francesca

Everything, it changed the way I see the past, the way I live the present and the way I foresee my future. Esteban

It was the best week since I am in Germany, because I feel like its home. The love is all around. Celia

It was a whole new experience for me, I got to meet new people, I got exposed to different cultures with creative and beautiful personality. Samera

Because most of the people were new framewalkers that means everyone uncounted everyone. Angelina

Commitment, because we were able to create a lot of wonderful pieces. Dr. So

That second chance given to us to us to be a family again, work with people who are talented in my opinion and learn from them is very special. I will forever be grateful. Nick

The connection was so strong our bond to each other increased. I loved it. Melih

The openness of everyone and the chance of interacting with each other without feeling judged. Bill

I see the theme as a journey; it really has been a journey for me just as my trip from Ghana to Germany. Samira

It was my first time, in Germany, the experience and the people I met made the framewalk special. And it nice the theme was encounter. Christian

It has been an amazing journey so far, the special thing about this framewalk is the honest and pure love from every angel, we were a big family and that is super special. Evelyn

The meeting, knowing, exchange, connectivity, discovery, tention and the love of give and take. Sena

We did so many pieces. It is amazing. The dance group was very good, I liked it. I loved the atmosphere. Everybody is so talented. The organisation was very good. Daria

I was really able to put myself out there and contributed and learnt all that I could. Teya

Encountering other I encounter myself, I encounter fun and unpredictable things also the topic encounter was so self referring. Sarah

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