Question of the Day. Day Four.

If encounter were a sense what will it be and why?

Sight. Because it shows you, what you’ve encountered. Samira

Feel, because it’s the biggest way to get something. Celia

Feel, because when you discover something the feeling you get will either push you forward to know more or less. Sena

Touch, because it allows you to really physically connect with whoever it is you are connecting. Teya

Touch, because anytime I encounter something I always feel an uncertainty that shows itself in forms of goose bumps or an accelerating heart beat. Bill

Hearing, because you can hear different sounds soft or hard. Angelina

Smell, because everybody smells differently. David

Feel, because one never forgets how something or someone makes them feel. Good or bad. Yaa Yaa

Hearing, cause its always on even when you are asleep, it could go really deep in your mind and it could make a scratchy or very soft sound. Betty

Hearing, because sounds are a pleasant interaction to my routine. Bella

Seeing, because it’s the first part of our basic interactions. Karl

Touch, I’m always encountering with my body. Melih

Touch, because physical encounter always starts with our skin. Sarah

Sight, because I notice it more than I do with my other senses. Nick

Touch, because you really get to feel the presence of the person you have an encounter with. Prince

Touch, if you don’t touch to feel you have no experience. I believe experience is the best teacher. Benjamin

Sight, the eye is the gateway to the soul, therefore when people encounter me, there will be a lasting impression. Dr So

Smell, because its in the atmosphere and it can be taken in. Samera

Feel, when one have an encounter we usually feel the effect of the encounter, be it positive or negative. Christian

Taste, cause encounter to me is like different cookies on the tongue some taste good some not. Justina

Sight, because seeing something new you first see both with your physical eyes or your minds eye and to me that is encountering. Marouf

Touch, because what you feel by touching is the key to know whatever gets to you and how it makes you. Tim

Taste, because the tongue is really sensitive, one must be very cautious when encountering. Alicia

Sight, cause it drives you closer to what you see to experience how it is. Esther

Touch, because since the beginning I have been heart touched emotionally, even the foods touch my memories. Esteban

Taste, with the tongue you can decide to chew, swallow, lick or throw out whatever you encounter. Eric

Smell, because the smell defines how we stand toward the object. Francesca

Sight, because when one see something new he or she becomes more curious about that thing and wants to acquire more or less about it. Evelyn

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