Question of the Day. Day Four.

If you were given the choice to be a hybrid, what will it be and why?

Giuilia: I was in Pakistan, when I realized it become normal for me to go out with a scarf on my head.

I would like to be born in a witch family with powers to heal and abilities to live both in water and to be able to fly at the same time.

Tim: My hybrid would be a singer – songwriter, this is something I really lack confidence in.

Jack: I would be a rainbow because it’s a mixture of different colours.

Benso: An ensemble of instruments, because I become part of different other instruments working together.

Alicia: It will be medicine because; I become a combination of different chemicals put together.

David: I want to be a harmony played by an orchestra, because though the sounds are different, they make a unique blend of sound.

Bella: I would like to be a hybrid of minds, for me its more important to be a person who thinks and acts differently, rather than look different.

Sena: I will like to be half man and half woman so I can understand both masculin and feminine sides.

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