Question of the Day. Day Five.

Describe your total experience with this Framewalk in reference to hybridity?

Aichata: I never used to sing or dance but now I can do music, dance and my own theatre. I find this good and it is hybridity to me.

Benso: It was magical, there were people from different cultural background and we still connected to form beautiful pieces.

Jeneral: I experienced possibilities; because even with different languages and values we were able to find a common ground for communication.

Angelina: It was very diverse, different cultures coming together and creating something new.

Giuilia: Hybridity has been not just a topic on which we worked; it has been the thing, which brought our work beyond the experience.

Jack: My total experience in this framewalk in reference to hybridity are two words more hybridity.

Sena: It has been a moment of total exposure to different cultures yet uniqueness in identity.

Tim: The diversity of Africans putting their heart into art. Differences as initiation for creation.

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