URBAN/RURAL Mozambique and Germany

Framewalk Maputo — an artistic conversation about
present urban/rural situations/transformations
a plural perspective
on a smaller scale, a specific context
in music, dance and theatre
avoid generalisation
phenomena concerning individuals and the collective
opening a dialogue and a conscious debate
resonating in and out
stories, myths and legends
their current meanings
are they symbolic
evolutions of the landscape – urban/rural
potential conflicts
human beings and their environment
gestures, attitudes and practices inhabiting
urban/rural public space
as a physical and now virtual (co)presence
how do they circulate
how do they stay still
push and pull effects

intervening in situ,
within the urban/peri-urban/rural
fabric of Maputo/Mocambique on various phenomena
urban mobility/rural mobiltiy – observed locally
movement of people, objects, digital/virtual travel
physical and virtual mobility

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