Question of the Day. V.

If your Urban/Rural space was a person, what gender would it be and why?

Rural, woman. She gives life. Women are part of the general life cycle and this process is nature. Also women represent a special energy, the rising of the moon, rivers flowing, children crying, birds flying…
Urban – male. His role is to break through the process of the female.

Urban, male.  Rough, big and loud.
Rural, female. Elegant, pure and complicated.

Rural, female.   Females are associated with love and softness, thus creating a calm atmosphere.
Urban, male.  Male energy is very busy and loud. Males are associated with roughness and dominance just like urban areas.

Urban, transgender. For me the place allows anything to become anything.
Rural, female.  Nature  is a place of fertility and fertility is the power to give birth.

Urban. Representing all models of gender to me.
Rulral, male.  Like a man always on top and in control.

Rural, female. A woman like my mother. This is where I’m coming from and forever I will be connected to her. Like being connected to nature. A rural space is a warm home, a person like my Mum.
Urban, female. I am a woman. I am part of this urban space. It is working with me. I am part of urban movements and stagnation.

Urban, gender fluid. Always in motion and evolving, totally dependent on the individual.
Rural, bi-gender. A combination of traditionally feminine and masculine, both nurturing and protective.

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