Question of the Day. One.

If space was a colour, what colour would it be and why?

BUKUNMI: White It is a unified colour. It allows different imprints and gives my audience the opportunity to find themselves in my space.

ANGELINA: Yellow It is bright and open.

SAMUEL: Black It signifies power. This gives me the ability to explore within my space.

YAKUBU: Black It represents courage. It reminds me of the struggle of my fore-fathers.

ATO: Brown It gives me a sense of connection between the seen and the unseen.

ALICIA: Red It’s colourful and broadens my horizon. Giving me the ability to be more creative

OMOTOSHO: Pink It is approachable and friendly.

JOEL: Green It represents the innocence of naturse. It keeps me inclined to the realms

WONDER: Purple,  It represents royalty and gives me peace and makes me calm.

ALFRED: White It signifies purity and innocence. It accomodates every emotion.

BENEDICTA: Grey. It is conservative and it speaks for itself.

GABRIEL: Green It relaxes and freshens my energy to perform anytime.

ESTHER: White It is plain and calm. It’s welcoming and makes everything visible.

ESTEBAN: multiple colours with a high amount of transparency. They allow me to adapt to any situation.

MARIE-LENA: Pink. It is strong and feminine.

DARIYA: All colours. Within me is the whole universe.

MIRACLE: Colourless like water It has a neutral look and it can adapt to any colour.

JACOB: White It is a colour with many options.

BANNERMAN: White It signifies victory and success. It enables me to achieve perfection in anything I do

TEYA: Black It’s the combination of all the colours and it absorbs the colours of people and the environment. Just like me, I am the product of my experiences and environment.

SEYRAM: Black It absorbs heat.

AKAMBO: Blue It symbolises peace.

ADDIS ABABA: Purple, It is the combination of two primary colours, red and blue, which signify love. I would like my space to be filled with love.

ENIS: Pastellish, matt red, the red of our muscles I relate to this colour, telling me I am in my body, I am alive.

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