Question of the Day. Two.

Describe the space you researched in one sentence please.
37 trotro station, Marina Mall, Estate temporary dwellings.

A place that breeds loves. Ato

Crowded but filled with empowerment and togetherness. Suh

Loud and chaotic on one side and very calm on the other. Angelina

A place of convergence for traders, buyers and public transportation. Seyram

Leaving a mark is great but tapping from the environment is key. Esther

Very busy with business. Akambo

An organised chaos. Miracle

Old and rusty, though vivid and alive in each corner. Enis

Survival of the fittest. Bannerman

Very peaceful with bitter sweet moments all mixed up. Yakubu

Full of energy ; no time to waste. Joel

It was interesting and calm. Bukunmi

It seemed disconnected but colourful. Evelyn

No space for space. Gabriel

A peaceful but crowded place. Stacey

They go through hardship. Adele

A calm environment. Wonder

It was busy and hot. Victor

It’s completely unfriendly. Esteban

It was an adventure of mixed feelings. Alfred

It was tiring and squeezed. Addis Ababa

A little point in a big city which is a world on its own. Jacob

Both overwhelming and completely empty at the same time. Teya

A fascinating atmosphere. Awa

It was organised in a very detached manner. Benedicta

Screaming and being polite at the same time was the routine. Marie-Lena

Life is floating everywhere. Dariya

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