Question of the Day. Three.

Which sense represents the place you researched and why?

Sight. I was able to move towards certain different directions and things. Esther

Touch.  I felt their pain, joy and laughter through my muscles. Adele

Sight, a place full of different varieties. Alfred

Sight.  They have a leader and imitate what he does. Wonder

Hear.  There were different sounds that made the ambiance unique. Bukunmi

Hear.  People made the same sound but in different variations. Awa

Hear.  The heartbeat of the slam lay in the stories I listened to. Enis

Touch.  The heat from the sun was controlling my movement. Marie-Lena

Smell.  A peculiar smell that was easy to identify but difficult to trace. Evelyn

Humour.  Serious issues were tackled in a light hearted manner. Akambo

Hear.  It was easy to identify different sounds. Angelina

Taste.  The way of life seemed bitter-sweet. Yakubu

Smell.  I could smell the aroma of different dishes. Benedicta

Sight. We looked strange to the inhabitants and vice versa. Suh

Sight.  I could easily identify things. Miracle

Smell.  I have never smelt a place like this before. Jacob

Sight.  A very busy and congested place. Seyram

Sight.  The place looked pretencious. Esteban

Touch. It reminded me of a similar environment lived and experienced. Bannerman

Sight. Different actions were happening at the same time. Victor

Sight.  I saw a lot of people and cars moving up and down. Gabriel

Sight.  Everyone there had their eyes fixed on something. Joel

Touch.  I felt the change in mood, temperature and environment. Teya

Indivisibility.  The feeling of being centered and insecure at the same time. Ato

Hear.  I could hear TV from stores and chickens clucking. Stacey

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