Question of the Day. Five.

 How will you describe Framewalk in reference to space?

A big mall made up of different cubicles. Miracle

A place for meeting new people, working and sharing experiences. Enis

A place full of great people with diverse cultures. Victor

A state of mind that learns and experiences diversity with desire to share. Bukunmi

A place for collecting and distributing information. Jacob

A place where there is nothing like impossibility. Yakubu

An arena of multiple talents. Akambo

An opportunity to use your creativity and ideas with people. Wonder

A school where various disciplines are taught and talents nurtured. Alfred

A unified body consisting of different ideas and opinions. Benedicta

A home I will like to spend the rest of my life in. Evelyn

A big space of arts created by littles spaces of dance, theatre and music. Angelina

A place for exploring human abilities. Joel

A space of no limitation, we explore extremities and even more. Adele

Empty enough to fill it with anything and full enough to share with everyone. Esteban

It’s accomodative and accepts performers from different parts of the world. Suh

Everyone is free to express themselves, no idea is shunned. Stacey

A space that occupies a space. Gabriel

A space of negative and positive energies. Ato

Walking out of your comfortzone to explore other spaces. Esther

A judgement free environment to explore your own space and those around you. Teya

A school where learning never seizes. Bannerman

It’s a good possibility to explore ourselves and go beyond our limits. Awa

It’s an unlimited space without borders and rules. Marie-Lena

A family that  emits energy and power. Dariya

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