What is the soul of this space to you and why?

Question of the Day: One

A twinheaded orange bird coming from far to bring us its message. Faraz

Diversity in unity Different and interesting people, who respect each other with no prejudices. Tyshea

Rain Beaten by rain, you get wet and feel cold. It gives an unusual feeling of freshness. Maxime

Environment It feels real and I experience it.  Matanyane

Interaction All realities, things and people interact with emotion. Edna

Peace It makes me feel at home, as in my country, a mix of nature and houses. Sufaida

Earth  The land is welcoming and makes me feel at home.  Paulo

Peace It provides a possiblility to rest on a long travel. Magadalena

Tranquility The green of the trees and the singing of the birds gives me this feeling.  Eugenio

Love  A lov that everyone shares with one another. Estreanty

Happiness and Curiosity The expectation of something new and the desire to go deeper into what is given. NBC

Creativity I get an artistic feeling, so sacred in the context of soul, body and spirit. Oswaldo

Rules  Specific activities to be taking place at specific times. Julio

Alive  A living space that keeps changing with sensitivity and influence. Leo

Peace and Happiness People here give me positive energy and gladden my soul. Luisa

Love The energy here is togetherness without judgement. Lisa

Excitement  We are so many people around with different creative energies. Marie Lena

The Studio It’s magical when different ingredients make a great omlet. The ingredient being different people. At the end something great is created. Marisa

Heartbeat  It feels warm and every thing is connected. Teya

Rhythm It leads me in and around and brings me in and out of this space.  Judite

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