If this space was gender…

Question of Day 4

If this space was  gender, which gender would it be and why?

Male This space to me breathes in and out just like men at work. Paulo

Female  It has a softness and is so delicate that it leads us to float with thoughts and feelings to the extreme. Eugenio

Female It has the ability to take in and give birth. Oswaldo

Female It opens itself to receive all (artists) who come in, willing to learn.  Julio

Male  This space has a lot of energy, almost the same as I get from my father Luisa

Female  Since this space reminds me most of my mother, who influenced me the most from childhood on. Faraz

Male  I find this space demanding, just like men. Magdalena

I dont care if this space is male or female, I just care this space is good, forget about gender. Estreanty

This space has no gender for me, gender is dead. Lisa

Male & Female  I think this spcae is a mix of both in one. Matanyane

Gender Fluid  it’s constantly in motion and everything. Teya

Female Femininity is love, intuition, creativity and peace, just like this space. Tyshea

Male & Female The union in this space shows no gender, this space is neutral. NBC

Male & Female In general this space forms a single body of both. Judith

This space for me has no gender, it’s not relevant, we are souls. Marisa

Transgender it has a human atmosphere with no clear definition, Marie-Lena

Female Like in the arms of a loving mother, it brings us together, no matter who we are or where we’re  from. Leo

Male I am attracted by the male gender and this space attracts me likewise. Sufaida

Female It gives birth and creates new life. This space begets and creates performanes. Maxime

This space is of a third gender, gender free and free of sterotypes. Edna

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