What did you personally take with you…

Question of Day 5

What did you personally take with you from this Framewalk and why?

Honesty, a lot of honesty was shared during the workshop and among the people. Faraz

Self confidence and the desire to try new things. Leo

I am going away with having developed myself. Julio

I learnt the importance of using what I feel to create movements. Eugenio

Since the first day love was in everything that everybody shared, so I take love with me. Estreanty

I am filled with the knowledge of using my body to express myself. Matanyane

Togetherness, I felt oneness was given by all. Oswaldo

Creativity shared by all the participants. Maxime

I learned a lot as a dancer, I feel stronger and more secure now to face the future. Judith

Freedom to try new things and engage with new people. Sufaida

The collective spirit of the group, the togetherness as family and the cold rain. Paulo

The ability to adopt to challenging situations and new people. Teya

The knowledge that my body can always go for more and not be afraid of my body. Marie-Lena

My dance instructor made me aware of my insecurity and told me to work hard to trust myself in the future. Tyshea

The fact that this whole week  just passed in a twinkle, it gives me the sense of here now, then gone. I learnt to take in every moment as it comes. Marisa

The encouragement that there is nothing like failing. Just try as you try  and you are already in it, doing it. Lisa

Group Dynamic, I learnt to connect my ideas with other people’s and make it one. NBC

The need to be flexible in my creative process, also how to create and present in a short time. Edna

The knowledge that in dance even though we use our body we also use our imagination (Soul). Louisa

The experience of reaching a goal through flexibility and openess within a group. It provides freedom for creativity, thus creating joy of living. Magdalena

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