Which emotion…

Question of Day 2
Which emotion represents this space to you and why?

We never know where we are going, we just go. Marisa

Happiness: It’s like my world and makes me feel so good. Oswaldo

Anxious: The different artistic expressions and the  everyday things I see  here take my breath away. Eugenio

Curiosity: It’s like a new place i want to explore with the people around me. Leo

Joy: I am always surrounded by creative people of truth. Judite

Nostagia: I like the challenge this spcae brings with every little thing it comes with. Edna

Happiness: The activities that happen in this space bring me lots of excitement. Julio

Pain: I am challenged to answer questions everyday. Teya

Uncertain: This space seems uncertain, but the people, the ideas and new experiences openit up. Maxime

Desire: I have the feeling to take in all the spirits of the different people. Magdalena

Warmness: Like hot chocolate on a cold day. Lisa

Happiness: It’s green and i can breath the freshness into me. Luisa

Peace of Mind: It’s a quiet place and different from my own city. NBC

Happiness: Two different cultures together, I find that unique and it makes me happy. Paulo

Nostalgic: Many beautiful things are happining, so much pleasure and struggle at the same time. Tyshea

Empathy: So many things are coming to me, I just open myeslf to them. Marie-Lena

Nostalgic: Remembering the rich days i spent with all these beautiful souls. Faraz

Love: Whenever I get here i find myself, then I find people who share love in different ways artistically. Estreanty

Happiness: I feel like a kid here,I can dance, play and laugh so much as though we were brothers and sisters, young and old. Sufaida

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