Which movement/action/sound represents…

Question of Day 3

Which movement/action/sound represents this space to you and why?

Hug  Makes me feel more connected when I am here with everyone. Estreanty

Fight I feel this is a challenge for me to find success in my life in theatre. Sufaida

A higher movement with the chest in the air, like an explosion of creativity.

Couragious movement  It helps me to enjoy all different positions. With fear I could not enjoy this space, so fear nothing when you move. Edna

Fluid Movement  I feel myself travelling in space and I have moments of learning. Judite

Jump Every leap is a renewal of a deeper feeling of reality and imagination, Eugenio

Distance sound Almost too quiet to be heard, but filling this space with its presence. Leo

Openess  A mental and physical focus that is ready to give and receive. Oswaldo

Bird This sound of sound means freedom and peace to me. I get that in this space. NBC

Chest out This movement allows me to look up in the air to feel this space. Paulo

A bass guitar Is the heart beat of music to me. This sound represents this space to me. Julio

Squatting To me it’s a movement of submission to learn and give. Luisa

Fast Walking During the warm up session, it creates an amazing energy.  Lisa

Feet Stumping it grounds me so I can establish a balance in my spirit. Tyshea

Hugging The way we all can hug each other when we are together. Matanyane

Rain drops They are all on their own, but together they are stronger and the best version of themselves. Maxime

A Spiral movement It sucks all potentials of the group in. Magdalena

Thrumm, thrumm, thrumm like a steady constant heart beat. Teya

Spontaneous movement, the jumping with blind fold in this space is therapeutic,  get to know myself and to build up my confidence. Marisa

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