Question of the Day: Day One.

Who owns your body and why?

My flesh, muscle and bone because I can lend them to my work and the people in my life. Teya

My soul, it decides what should effect my body and what should not. Angelina

My spirit, without it my body is dead. Bret

My culture,I find my identity in my culture. NBC

An invisible hand owns my body, it possesses and controls its worth and being. Paula

By my creator, through him I connect to the realms both spiritual and physical. Melissa

I believe my body is owned by the self, the self is the person that controls it. Helena

Mother nature, my body depends on the resources of nature to live. Dena

My body is owned by me, myself and I. I, myself and me are one. Moritz

My emotion, it helps me and allows me to choose. Toivo

My soul owns my body, I am my soul and my soul is here. Jessaya

I own my body ‘cause I own it. I have a free will. Gift

I own my body, I have sole authority over who I am and how I present myself to the world, disregarding peoples opinion. Chantell

My soul, without it my body is dead. West

My soul and my spirit own my body, a body without soul and spirit cant be alive. Justina

I don’t own my body, my body is just a shell and I don’t want to be in possession of it.  Aaron

I am the one, I decide on my own even though there are influences around me. Faraz

Nature, it provides me with the physical things I need. Chiara

My mind owns my body, it always tells me what might be good or bad, right or wrong. Tyshea

I do, it is my canvas. I have full ownership and can proudly say it is my body and I own it. Cecilia

I own my body, I control what goes in and out. I decide who gets to touch or influence it. Venessa

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