Question of the Day: Three

If ownership were a movement, what would it be and why?

A black fist thrusting itself up into the air. This represents the right of freedom, owning your black identity and owning your culture. Aaron

Legs crossed with eyes closed. This movement allows me to be quiet and control my mind or silence the mind. Jesaya

Me about to kiss another person. Kissing allows me to create my own space and to take responsibility. Dena

A salute by a solider, to salute is a form of respect, agreement and power and I see this with ownership. Toivo

A grounding dance, like squatting, to feel secure and to have control in all of your decisions you will need to be grounded. Justina

The arms stretched out to the side, taking in the space around you. Like this you take in the space and you are also mentally able and aware of where you are. Chiara

Swaying my head away from an attempted slap, this is a form of protection for what I own. Helena

The stretching forth of the hand, the move to give or take earns the right to acceptance or denial. Ruusa

A whirlwind, the way it moves in circles, it collects almost everything that comes its way and becomes one with it. That is ownership. Melissa

Salsa dance, it is rhythmic and flexible, yet can’t be danced alone. This movement is about sharing and giving. The same way I see ownership. Cicilia

A thrown sharp embrace like a child having a tantrum ‘cause ownership is possessive and petulant, even though it can feel safe and comforting its still entitled and demanding. Teya

The legs are in a wide-open position with knees bend. Right foot stumps on the floor while the legs bend even more and the arms make a straight and strong movement to the front. This emphasizes a clear boarder between owner and an invader. Tyshea

My heart beats movement, the heart is the control room of any person without the heart you are dead. NBC

A circular movement, a 360-degree formation dance. Implying that everything within a circle is part of the circle therefore owned by the circle. Gift

The sneaking of a hunter to hunt down a game, the hunter is fully aware of his skills, his body and his control over his victim. Moritz

A march is very strong and grounded. This for me is ownership. Angelina

Walking, it’s something that comes naturally, you need not put much thought into it. If its yours its your. Paula

Moving of the head side to side, up and down with the eyes open. This to me represents ownership. West

Walking, it does not matter in what direction or place, my body is in control, I consider the locomotion of my steps, being the owner. Venessa

A freestyle dance, then you’re in full control of what you choose to do next. Chantell

A hug, hugs give a sense of belonging. Bret

The finger pointed to my self, it represents me as the one who owns myself. Faraz

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