Question of the Day: Two.

If ownership were a space, how would it look and why?

A black hole, sucking in everything into its center, showing its singularity. Bret

A big circle that carries all living creatures, cause on earth is space for all and everything. West

My room, it’s the only place I can be myself and have full control without judgment, I consider it to be my own platform. Paula

My mind, everything I think and do comes from there and no one can take my thoughts out. NBC

A small, dark, cold and uncomfortable prison cell. You cannot go in or come out just like that. This is how I see ownership. Tyshea

A gray reddish humongous tornado/windy looking thing that sucks in things or whatever it attracts. A windy tornado sucks in anything along its way and owns it. Ruusa

Bathtub, it allows you to drown and wash away all negative energies, also be naked and quiet, literally no other space allows you to be completely free. Jessaya

Music studio, a comfortable space to compose, express, communicate and identify. Helena

It will look like me, the body is 99% space. It will be utilized freely and fluidly as long as I am in control. Chantell

An infinite white plain that harvests and vibrates, it’s a mind and minds are intangible frequencies. Melissa

A home room to relax and meditate and calm down, it’s a safe place to connect with the self. Dena

It will look like the earth, sandy and brown in all its beauty. It would be used to build homes, family and plant tress also to meditate and a lot more. Gift

It will be like a presidential palace, almost impossible to enter, full of security nevertheless possible with an invitation. Angelina

A home with birds, fruit trees, children and a lot of food, nice to be shared with others. Justina

A field surrounded by an electric fence, there is space inside but you don’t get to choose if you come in and go out or who comes in and goes out. Teya

Bathroom. The white tile walls represent peace and silence, the black tile on the floor represents safety – no danger and the clean water purifies the self. Venessa

A room like a jail, a small room with a toilet and a small bed only. You don’t own that space and you’re not allowed to change it either. Faraz

A rainbow in the sky, so big, high and spacious, because even if it yours it’s not reachable, attainable. Cecilia

Ownership would be like somewhere between time square and the Berlin wall because on one hand the Berlin wall represents possession and segregation on the other hand Time Square represents freedom and unity.  Aaron

It’s a room with windows and seats, speakers and a bed just a place you can feel comfortable, because to own yourself you must have control over your thoughts. Moritz

It would look like a wooden goblet shape – Djembe drum, it allows you to control it, move it or play it freely.  Toivo

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