Question of the Day: Four

If ownership were a voice what would it be and why?

Bass voice. Thick, strong, overbearing, but at the same time so pleasant when accompanying others to create harmony. Cecilia

Screaming, it creates a sense of awareness, either something is going wrong somewhere or I want attention. West

Rain drops. Starting small then drop by drop flowing, taking full control. Justina

Trumpet. The singular sound of the trumpet ahead of a band creates attention and awareness. This resonates ownership. Gift

Debate. I am the one giving my own opinion and I am representing a single voice. I own it. Helena.

Lion. A lion’s roar resonates ownership and power in the jungle. Ruusa

The voice of my inner self, it possesses the freedom to chose or to refuse. Paula

A deep, emotionless and strong voice of a big brother, always reminds me of control and authority, a kind of ownership. Tyshea

A Catholic church bell, I grew up listening to this bell, it calls me and I always have to go, in a way it owns me. Toivo

My mother’s voice, whenever she is upset with me and about to hit me. Bret

That clear warm male voice in the song »Your« by SG Lewis. Every time I hear this song it totally owns me. I forget the world and fall into the song. Moritz

My mum, calling me with her soft and tender voice especially in the morning to wake up from bed, there I know she owns me. Venessa

My own voice when I speak, cause I’m centered in pride and content. Chantell

My echo in an enclosed room bouncing back and forth, it is my voice that fills up the space and makes me feel whole. Melissa

Fire alarm implies something is about to be lost; you don’t need to own something to have a voice, losing also does. Aaron

Flushing toilet. Each flush is unique because the water carries a different weight each time. At the end of the day even our own shit is not ours.  Jesaya
A stone drop into a barrel of water announces its presence, as its goes straight down to the end and takes ownership under the water. Angelina

The scream of MJ’s voice, singing “what about us”, it fills me with hope and contentment especially when I sing along. Dena

It would be the voice from a radio; even though this voice is not mine, the radio is mine, so at that moment I am the voice’s owner. NBC

The voice of the propagandist flowing among the people, cause it forces itself upon and claims the mind space of people for their own ideologies. Faraz

A deep but sharp voice, ownership is resolute and inherently commanding. Teya

Voice// Synonyms
Speech, singing, opinion, say, expression, declaration, influence, say-so, vote, accent

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