Question of the Day: Five

What is ownership to you and why?

Ownership to me is having total control of who you are and who you wish to be.  To live in a society where a group of selected few decides who we are supposed to be, I don’t support this. We are spiritual beings and we are light. Jesaya

Ownership means property in a form of entitlement. It enables me to decide, to grow and/or to improve. Helena

Ownership is freedom to me, when I’m aware of my own responsibility towards my happiness then I can be my true self. Melissa

Ownership is when something belongs to me by right, only I can manage how to use this something. NBC

Having a sense of belonging and taking responsibility. It’s important for me to decide what I want to do and which direction I need to go. Chantell

Ownership to me is in being a dancer, so I own my body in every way and space. West.

Recreating and owning what you already have, it’s important to enhance what is already there and make it beautiful while sharing it equally. Cecilia

Ownership is belonging, whatever belongs is owned. Bret

Ownership is a concept of power. I think ownership does not fit to nature’s will of sharing because ownership is evil and separates people. Tyshea

Wherever I am in control of myself. It’s my right to be in control of my life. Toivo

Ownership is just a word, its meaning owns it. Dena

Ownership for me must be positive and have a positive end. To be possessive and greedy is not good in my opinion, and this is how our society is structured to take unnecessary control in a negative way. Angelina

Ownership is a double-edged sword, on one side it makes our daily life possible on the other side it tears us apart, creates jealousy and makes us tired of each other. Moritz

Having the power to decide the trajectory of things that have value to you as an individual. The power to decide anything reminds me I own myself. My voice matters cause it’s mine. Gift

Ownership is something contradictory, I own my self, my body and my space, it’s freeing and empowering. But as soon as someone comes into my space, it’s restrictive and suffocating. Teya

Self-awareness and confidence, I believe whatever one goes through it starts from within. Paula

Taking full care of the energies that flow in my house, it’s important for me to be in charge and live in harmony in my own space. Justina

Ownership would be like owning a ship that floats above gravity and sailing on top of nature. If you own something you are in charge but you are not in full charge, nature and life does. Aaron

Having responsibility and total control of something in particular, being an owner enables one to identify the actions needed to have a pure and safe livelihood. Venessa

Ownership is like a product and/or power, sometimes if you have too much you misuse it and if you don’t have, you desire wrongly and it uses you wrongly. Faraz

The right of owning something that rightfully belongs to you, in order for something to belong, first it must be owned. Ruuz

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