Question of the Day: Day One

What is private to you and why?

Thoughts in my head, its silence is the reason people still smile at me. Akambo

Private is setting a frame to be completely myself. Vanessa

Family, they make me happy and bring out the energy in me. Bannerman

Spending time alone, to receive more energy to heal myself. Roanito

It’s something I own, it’s part of my existence. Gerret

My bank account, every cent belongs to me and I worked hard for it. Aaron

My space, it allows me to create and feel peaceful even in the mist of a crowd. Wonder

My nightmares, I remember most of them, but I wouldn’t know how to explain them and I don’t want to. Manuela

Personal delicate issues, I can’t have anyone know, it makes me feel naked and exposed. Joel

My inner space, it allows me to know who I am and how to express myself with others. Sena

Faith and sexuality, staying open minded is difficult however as an activist and artist, love is primary and moving out of my own struggles to appreciate another’s truth, my truth is what makes my cause. Ato

Meditation, the only moment I am able to communicate with my inner person. Seyram

My space, I hate that people have an opinion about how I should live my life and I don’t always appreciate it. Evelyn

My tears, I hate to put them on others or have them see it. Samira

Moments, I can’t think of anything to think about. Maxime

My upbringing, sensitive moments that make me vulnerable. Alfred

Moments, those small fleeting seconds viewed from an angle only I can see. This is un-shareable. Teya

My mind’s diary, it allows me to take in and take out whenever I chose to. Angelina

The dirt under my sofa and bed, it’s a bit embarrassing but private to me.  Marie Lena

My thinking, it possesses my thoughts and actions. Samera

My tradition, I have a responsibility to protect it. Bokorvi

Family and Friends, I work to keep their trust for their trust is very important to me. Benji

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