Question of the Day. Day Three

If »Private« were a voice what voice will it be and why? It would be the voice of silence, in this state all you are is dead to your physical environment, the only voice you hear is within. Seyram Thunderous voice, its source is not certain but its results are. Akambo Birds, I feel they have the freedom to sing in their own space without having to seek anyone’s permission. Evelyn A still, small voice, it’s what I prefer, to me private isn’t loud, being loud means exposed. Alfred A pop, it is spontaneous.  Semera Falling feather in its subtleness,  it’s a voice crying out for tranquility. Ato A scream, it is my way of venting all the stress. Benji The Chief priest, his voice represents the tradition of the people. Bokorvi The loud voice of a crying baby, it is either calling for help or it’s in discomfort. Samera A mantra like OM or others, it makes me aware and it can heal, it also makes me keep balanced. Roanito Wind, it gives me the feeling of refreshment to be quiet, think and create. Wonder A silent voice within, minimal but very powerful and effective, this silent place comprises mysteries untold. Joel The voice of my maternal grandmother, it guides and directs me. Sena Monstruos abisales, the sound they do when they swim alone surrounded by darkness in the deep ocean, loneliness to me is essential to privateness. Manuela Tina Turner, in her song “private dancer” she shares the message of privacy to the world. Aaron Piano, it shows diversity and togetherness by harmonizing black and white keys. Bannerman My own sound of breathing while dancing, if you do something everyday of your life it becomes a part of you and this is also private. Marie Lena The soft tender words I share with a person I love, it’s private to me. Gerret The inner voice which tells you what to do, an inner voice normally knows what is best for you. Vanessa My own voice, the one only I can hear that actually sounds completely different to what everyone else hears. It’s something only I will ever experience. Teya

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