Question of the Day. Day Two.

If private were a movement what movement would it be and why?   Air, air moves everywhere and yet nobody can see it, just like my space I can be everywhere and still have my privacy. Wonder Poking one’s head between one’s thigh. It’s uncomfortable for the back while your face is hidden from everything and everyone including your own insecurity. Ato Closing my eye, if I close my eyes I have time to think of me. Manuela A meditation position, you don’t move, you remain peaceful and get refreshed by being still and focused. Roanito Spinning, it makes me feel like I am marking my territory or my personal space. Evelyn Anti-clock wise movement, like the earth, I rotate. Akambo Back and forth swing, this gentle back and forth swing with my eyes closed keeps me checked and balanced. Seyram A movement made in silence, the emotions should be read and felt rather than heard. Joel Being still, when I normally want to keep things to myself, I become silent and still, as an artist I communicate through stillness and silence. Alfred Coiling, it gives me the access to focus and points me to a specific direction. Sena Circular movement, people mostly want to keep their private life within their circle. Samira Internal rotation of the pelvis, private means personal and internal, hidden and secured.  Aaron Spring-ish, it bounces up and down and changes modes. Samera Leaves, they are all on their own, have their own moves but also form a movement together to project peace. Maxime Hand stripes from my belly to my breast, private is something that happens close to the body. Vanessa An embracing movement creates the illusion of bringing things together – united. Bannerman The Zulu spin, it goes into a circle and again and again into other circles, everything going in circles protects me. Gerret The brief rotation of the shoulder, it’s intimate and feels contained. Teya My pelvis movement, I do this in circles, it plays an important part of my warm up sessions. Benji Breathing with my eyes closed, brings me to my private place inside of me. Marie Lena

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