Question of the Day: Day Five

Where does your privateness begin and end and why? The moment I feel different opinions are turned on me and end the moment people start accepting me just as I am. It is my space and only I should decide what I want and not others. Evelyn It begins when the umbilical cord was cut from my mum and ends hmmm I don’t know, may be all this is private. Faraz When I take time for myself and it ends when I’ve saved enough energy to share with others; it is my ritual of rejuvenation. Vanessa My room begins and ends on stage, no one sees what happens in my room but when I step on stage I let myself go. Samira It starts with meditation when I wake up and ends with meditation when I have to go to bed, it helps me to be in a good mood. Roanito When I feel comfortable until reality shows me that I need to go outside. That’s the reality of life. Angelina It’s like a circle, it has no beginning or end. It is why I keep asking myself where does this lead. Ato It starts home and ends at home, my family breeds life into my existence, the moments that stop privacy ends it for me. Bannerman It begins when I am lost and ends when I am found, because there are to many doubts in the world to remain balanced. Gerret With freedom and it ends when you don’t have freedom anymore, when you have freedom you can choose to be private when you don’t have the choice. Samera In my subconciousness and it doesn’t end, cause I believe in growth and dynamics. Sena It begins where I own and it ends in public, everyone is entitled to act though unknown violation should be considered. Akambo When I isolate myself from every form of distraction and it ends in my thoughts, in that realm I get immersed deeply and am able to meditate. Joel Beginning with my eyes closed and it ends with my eyes open, with my eyes closed I can escape from my physical environment and opening my eyes brings me back to the physical. Seyram It begins in a moment and ends in the moment, those moments when you are alone where no one sees you. Marie Lena In my surrounding it begins and in my mind it ends. You think your surrounding defines who you are but at the end of the day you define who you are. Maxime It begins once I have my own space and it ends when someone invades my space uninvited. Cause when I have my space it gives me the chance to think and create in my own way. Wonder In my subconscious and it ends when I’m among people, cause there I have to be aware of who I am and what I am doing. Alfred In my pain and it ends in my pain, cause no one truly understands someone else sufferings. Manuela

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