Question of the Day: Day Four

If private were a space, how would it look and why?

A box, it contains all my inner thoughts. Samira

A shrine, it’s the space where the chief priest communicates with the oracles on behalf of the community. Bokorvi

Streams, just like birds, streams have their own range in space to flow freely without any hesitations. Evelyn

Spaceship, I like to cruise. Akambo

An artist studio, people go there to express their talents through artistic means. Bannerman

A borderless field, there is free movement and meditation needs this vacuum to operate. Seyram

Garden full of flowers, nature makes me calm down and leads me to my privacy. Marie Lena

Dance studio, I find my voice in this space through my body. Sena

The toilet, it’s a place where I have my tranquility, think and read. Benji

A beach, it’s a place of relief and solitude with a breeze that calms me. Alfred

Düsseldorf Park, it’s very open with lots of people around but there’s always a place for me to sit and create. Wonder

There is a place and a hole in my heart, where I am protected and there I also keep the people I love. Gerret

Stage, it’s a place where most emotions are released and exposed. Samara

A box, people hide things in boxes to keep them away from others. Maxime

Instagram account, it’s a social media space and to me it’s private. Aaron

Inside my shoe, it grounds me and helps me to move around in my own space. Roanito

Four cold walls of mirrors, there is no escaping of one’s self everywhere I turn. Which is good, as I become a lot of things as an artist and person but character comes from remembering who I am. Ato

The tree of my house, it brings back memories, it allows me to go more into my self. Manuela

Behind prison bars, it isolates inmates from the outside world. Private space requires no crowd or interference. Joel

Wherever I sleep, I’m vulnerable when I sleep, and this is my private place. Faraz

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