Day Two.

In reference to the state of matter, what is mumɔ and why? (solid/liquid/gas)

Gas. It fills a space and it changes atmospheres. Doreen

Liquid. It is nearly fluid that conforms to the shape of its container and remains a constant volume. Selby

Liquid. Life comes onto earth inside of water. (baby) Gerret

Gas. Mumɔ is a spirit that has no force or color. It is an energy that people give without knowing. Almost not existing. Naomi

Gas. It is everywhere at the same time, I can”t see it, but I can feel it. Its emotions are expressed by how strong it comes at you or how subtle it passes. Joseph

Gas. Mumɔ to me is a form of life. Life on this planet started in this same way. Faraz

Solid, liquid and Gas. Being solid is how I stay grounded. Being liquid allows me to flow and feel the spaces that allow me to flow. Being gas means I can achieve all the states as gentle as the breeze or buoyant as the wind. Ato

Solid. Mumɔ gives you strength, energy and it relaxes your mind, body and spirit. Roanito

Liquid. It easily adapts /adjusts to new environment, cause it doesn’t have a fixed shape. Angelica

Liquid. 70% of the world is water, 70 % of your body is water, there is no life without water. Water safes information like the spirit. Dena

Liquid. You die without drinking water. Mumɔ⁠ dies without the sustenance of other mumos. Maxime

Liquid. Our body is filled with water. Water for energy. Priscilla

Gas. It has no defined shape. It also gives energy to the body, by virtue of being in motion. Seyram

Gas. Momɔ is all around, within and without and it is not tangible. Julian

Solid. When a solid object like an ice cube is solid, I see mum) in it, and since mumɔ is an energy, it is the life in that object. Kirk

Liquid. Mumɔ is a constantlz moving state, just like the sea. Sometimes the waves are really strong and sometimes they stay still. Mari

Gas. You can’t touch or see Mumɔ, but feel and sense it. Akambo

Gas. Mumɔ is like smoke, transformable and possible to inhale, but nothing you can grab with your two hands. Teya

Liquid. Mumɔ is the life that flows through a human or an animal. Mohammed

Gas. Mumɔ is not tangible, but it fills our life, lungs and heart with vitality and rejuvenates our spirits. Akosua

Liquid. Like water mumɔ flows through the whole body and has the function of transforming engergies within. Vanessa

Gas. Simply we do not see it, yet we feel it around us, and more so wherever there is space, there is air. Belloe

Liquid. Life pushes one through the circles of trials and temptations. Without Mumɔ as a liquid there is no life. Edward

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