Day Three.

If mumɔ were a movement, sound or activity, which one will it be and why?

Rapping. You need to control your breath in and out in order to be clear and audible. Doreen

Spinning. It creates wind and wind let’s us recognize there is air. Gerret

Strong wind at a coast. Concentrating on my breath I start connecting with forgotten memories, so clear as if I were in that moment although I’m at the sea. Naomi

The sound of a pulse. The alternation of silence and a beat. Joseph

A volcanic eruption. It takes a while for me to show the power of my emotions. I let them rumble in the deep, then they swish as they move up rapidly until they finally explode. Ato

The sound of OM. It gives me clarity and it can heal. Roanito

Vibration that travels through the air or any other medium and can be heard when it reaches a person’s ear. Edward

Torso rotation. It signifies solidity and control. Angelica

A major F chord. You can’t see it, but it makes you feel good. You can flow on that sound. Dena

Wind blowing in the trees. It’s constant and embracing. Every single leaf contributes to the whole thing. Maxime

Mumɔ actually comes with sound when you listen carefully. A typical example is the breeze at the beach. It can either be low or high tempo plus it follows with force. Priscilla

The voice as a natural instrument. To produce a sound with wind instruments you need mumɔ . Seyram

My favorite chord on the piano. It is floating, swinging constantly moving around me. Julian

Circular motion. When I am in this motion I breathe in and out and through that I gain strength and vitality. Kirk

A turn, no matter if big or small. You can do 10 pirouettes or just one, depending on the energy. Mari

A relaxed activity just like breathing in and out, blinking and meditating. Akambo

A small pulsating heat ripping through the entire body. Even though mum) is not immediately recognizable, it has an effect on the whole surrounding. Teya

Breath in movement. At the basic level dancers use inhalation to emphasize growing movements and exhalation to extend shrinking movements. Mohammed

A very low or a very high sound in you. Sometimes it’s silence but it doesn’t mean it is not there. Akosua

An activity you are passionate about. If something you love makes you breathless in the most adorable way. Vanessa

Break dancing, it allows me to inhale more in other to control. Belloe

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