Day Four

If mumɔ were a color, which color will it be and why?

Blue. The colour of the sky, without clouds on a bright day. Selby

Blue. It reminds me of the strength of waves. Gerret

Turkys Blue. In the Asian color scale turkys blue is the color of happiness and opening up to people. To me it describes a large part of my identity. Naomi

White. It symbolizes transparency. It is very difficult to determine its motives, but within it has so many tings. Joseph

Green, it represents freshness, when a person is feeling hot, the wind makes the person feel refreshed. Doreen

Translucent white. Just like emotions, we need a 2nd and critical look through them to really see and understand what’s on the other end. Ato

Yellow. The colour of joy. Roanito

Green. It beautifies environment and gives some sort of inspiration. Again without plants and trees we wouldn’t breath. Edward

Green, because it symbolize life, energy, growth and its relaxing. Angelica

Black. It is considered to be negative. If you close your eyes, it is the first thing you see. Which is the spirit. Dena

White. Whatever drops on it you can see it, even the tiniest thing. Maxime

Spectrum of white light. Mumɔ could be any color, so the spectrum of white consists of all colours. Priscilla

Blue. Blue has a tremendous power to calm you down and manage stress. Seyram

Colorful turquoise. It has calmness and peace in it. Julian

Pink. Care and affection. Mumɔ is receiving and giving. Like the smell of Hawaiian hibiscus flowers has the tendency of giving love and warmth to me. Kirk

Yellow. The colour of light. Where the light shines, mumɔ arises. Mari

Blue. It signifies peace. I believe that”s what life should be about. Akambo

Deep burnt orange. Like the sunsets where it seems as if the sun will crash into the earth. Teya

White. Worn in Ghana when you are happy. Mohammed

White. In Africa, especially in Ghana white is for good aura and good spirit. Akosua

Green. When I close my eyes and start breating in and out green is the first colour in front of my inner eyes. Vanessa

Green. In the Ghanaian community green symbolizes vegetation and health. Belloe

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