What is gender to you and why?

Jesaya: gender is the freedom to be yourself irregardless of social norms

Maxime: Not male or female but what you make of yourself/let yourself be

Pau: fluid – wide range of experiences, not only in the binary spectrum
an expression and social construct it changes through time and is complex
language gender is a lie binary spectrum is exclusive, there is more
complex and difficult to discuss about/ bring it to the table, discuss openly, deconstruct the structure

Paula: what we find comfortable within our inner-self before laying it out there because I am what I portray out there

Tyshea: a stereotypical construction given by society. It used to be a clear role allocation but now there are no more boundaries. For me there is fusion and a lot inbetween because each and every one is unique.

Mariana: an individual feeling combining a mixture of male and female energies. Some have more male or more female, some in between. Defining partly your behaviour and personality. Therefore we have multiple genders, however on paper we have three in Germany.

Gerret: an idea to identify difference among humans.

Bret: it is how we relate to our sexual organs of choice and how this choice influences who we are. .

Vivien: As I was taught I’ve only understood one meaning of gender and it was to specify male or female. Now I´ve heard various definitions of what else gender can be.

Helena: It is the social cultural and psychological aspect of a persons sex as opposed to a persons actual physical biological sex.

Julian: I never really questioned my gender. Because I was always happy with being a cis male. So gender to me is a fact. That’s what I am born as and so what I am. And thats good to me. Because I never felled wrong with it.

West: a system of the world. Gender came from the ruling of the earth. Gender forms a personally, a cultural practice how you do things and how you grow up as a person. Gender is defined through the bible

Cecilia: A permanent stamp imposed onto one by society. Sense of ownership.

Gift: it is like a flower to me, it blooms when properly taken care of and also only when its season allows.

Chantell: It is a miniscule and very fluid detail of a human being that society tends to spend too much attention on.

Sendy: The state of being male or female or other. The definition changes as you get older trying to find yourself to find space in this world. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay or pan-sexual. As long as you, do you, and I do me, we’re fine.

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