How does gender sound/move/act to you? Why?

Chantell: Like water transitioning into different forms in a series of moments. My personal experience with gender is that its fluid. It takes different forms within me at different times

Jessi: It moves like a robot – edgy – straight. Because gender is created by society, which gives us the „rules“ how to act or move.

Gift: It would be like mud or clay in the hands of a porter because it can be molded into whatever shape or form you like or what you think feels natural.

Toivo: It sounds like a baby crying. We all cried at birth regardless what gender you are.

Vivien: Gender sounds like ocean waves for me. I believe the ocean is one of the most breathtaking spots where one can calmly relax and express themselves.

Sendy: Gender does not have a specific way, form or behaviour but our society has a set of ideas and rules on how we expect women or men to behave and portray themselves. Just because our society is gender biased does not mean we should do the same.

Gerret: Movement, The flow of water because it represent all its three states and gender is almost the same.

Jesaya: Sound, It sounds neutral from the triangle instrument. It is distinct you dont really know where or how to place it.

Paula: It will be a cat walk movement because it is determined by every step and move with confidence and control.

Helena: Sounds to me like base guitar, because some women are attracted to men with deep voices while some men are attracted to high pitched female voices.

Pau: It moves like waves, because it’s ungraspable, chaotic and no limitation to its depth.

Julien: Soft and distinct sound of a violin, because the sound of voilin is unique and gives clarity within ones self this is the same with gender.

Mari: It moves fluidly and steadily like a spiral, it is always on the move with some level of consistency and changes where it’s needed.

Bret: It will be sitting because how people sit determines their masculinity or femininity.

West: Gender moves freely in any direction it choses. It has a natural freedom in spirit, emotion and power.

Cecilijah: Gender acts like a monologue because a monologue contains different ranges, you can be masculine and feminine while delivering.

Maxime: It sounds like minimal music, everybody plays their own pattern, some stick to theirs, others change it over time and this is form me gender.

Tyshea: Multiple commercial movements, this dance style plays a lot on stereotypes and underlines shape and body features.

VVR: It sounds like the waves of the ocean because it’s one of the most breathtaking spots where one can camly relax and express freely.

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