If gender were a colour which colour will it be and why?

A rainbow, because it is diverse and also able to move smoothly into the other comfortably. Cecilijah

Colourless, colour implies specificity and for me gender has no specific thing. Gift

Red, because we all bleed red in the end despite our differences. Paula

Black, because you cannot see through it easily, the same way I see gender. Those around can see it but you are the only one who deeply knows. Gerret

Black. It is said when all colors are combined it creates black. We are all one at the end. Chantell

Gray. There are different shades of gray, just like there are different types of genders. Bret

Blue. It’s the most popular color for both men and women. Even though some men and women consider brown and orange unpopular respectively. Helena

Rainbow. Since nowadays there is no clear definition for gender or let’s say the border in-between. It is about individuality, that’s why I feel that the rainbow represents gender best. Tyshea

White. Everybody can paint their own picture however the base is always white. Maxime

Green. It symbolizes freedom, colorful bright and dark at the same time. Sendy

White. Each individual can paint on it the color they want. To be honest I think gender has no color. Pau

Yellow. It’s expressive to me and so all genders must be allowed freedom to express. Jessi

Colourless. You cannot define it just by look, feeling or thought. Gender is now beyond. West

Gender will be any colour that exists because I believe there are thousands of different genders. Mari

It’s the orange of the rising sun. That feeling of comfort and well-being is how everyone should feel about gender. Julian

Red. It’s one of the elements of nature and represents fire. For fire doesn’t have not discriminate. Jessaya

Red. Any person who has a gender has red blood running through their body. Toivo

Gender includes both male and female regardless of what may be in between, I believe the color of gender is human. Vanessa

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