If gender were a matter which one will it be and why? (Water/Gas/Liquid)

Liquid. It is free flowing and I believe gender is free flowing as well. Vanesa

It will be liquid like water in a permanent and semi permanent state; it can stand still and can move when it is allowed to and so is gender. Bret

Liquid, it doesn’t have a specific shape until it’s poured into a vessel or container. Chantell

Liquid like water. Whatever you chose to be, water is still the essence of everything. Gerret

Gas, as it is out there in the open, so is gender. We can humanly feel, but not see it as it is. Paula

Liquid is moveable and flexible, so gender can be flexible too. West

Gender is fluid (liquid) because we cannot contain it in our hands; it will slip through our fingers. Even if we contain them they will always stay fluid. Pau

Liquid, because our character / behavior keeps changing every time and is always flowing. Jessi

Liquid like water, even though you can see the liquid you can’t identify what kind it is, whether water or alcohol or else. Like you can’t see someone’s gender from the outside. Mari

Liquid. It flows, flexibility is with gender. Sometimes I feel more male, other times more female and that is the character of liquid. Helena

Gas, it spreads vastly and influences the atmosphere. Cecilijah

It’s liquid, knowing what gender you are is a sense of security that is flowing through your body like your blood. Julian

Liquid. It’s fluid, it is constantly flowing, like gender it is not static, but fluid. Sendy

Gas, you can’t see it although it’s all around and over you. Maxime

Liquid, fluid always flowing. Not having to stick at one place or thing. Toivo

Gas, because gases are everywhere and in everything, that is the same with gender. Gift

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