In reference to air what is gender to you and why?

Fog. You don’t see what is behind. Jessi

Fart of a small baby, releases easily without fear or discrimination. West

Oxygen. We all use oxygen, it does not discriminate who needs it. Gift

The silence after the storm, once you find yourself you are calm. Gerret

Belch. It’s a sign of satisfaction to any gender not because of rudeness, but it symbolizes alleviation. Toivo

Fart. All humans fart (strong or soft) regardless of gender. Helena

Air in the forest after rain, it smells fresh like you were washed afresh of your hidden self. Maxime

Helium gas, it’s colourless, odorless, tasteless and non – toxic. Gender is open, free and flexible. Pau

The air in a bubble, you can see the outside but not the inside. Just as you see a person and cannot identify their gender from appearance. Mari

Oxygen, because it the only air used to breathe and survive by living organism and gender is a living organism that uses oxygen. Vanesa

It will be a gently moving wind; it carries along all different kinds of particles without selection. Chantell

The first cry of a newborn baby, you can’t tell if it’s male or female, just air. Bret

Fart, you keep it in so long it makes you uncomfortable, then when you release and let go it frees you. Cecilijah

Fart, it comes in different smells according to what we eat…

Fart, it’s a feeling inside that you can’t hold back, even if you try holding back at some point, it will blow itself out. Same is gender some try to hide it, but it still comes out. Julian

The wind right before a big storm, it’s very inconsistent. It could be warm and cold, so is gender. Sendy

Nitrogen gas, it’s colourless, like gender, it’s fluid and non-conforming. Jesaya

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