the crosscultural week founded in 2009, based on relational cross-cultural works in the performing arts and in arts in general, researching embodiment and transformation across cultures and traditions through participation.

During framewalk the artists migrate as one group, from one culture to the other, back and forth as one somatic shape. Listening and communicating, collecting stories being offered along this journey.

Being inbetween, the participating artists need to call out for each other and recall at the same time their individual cultures to rely on.
Unveiling mysteries, finding poetry or follies, being always close enough to connect and distant enough to still see, ready to give and share their findings, their personal and professional skills, their visions and their uncertainties, become this one, although temporary, but trusted and solid body. framewalk.

The German NGO KABAWIL was founded in 2003. KABAWIL’s work is based on their concept of relation oriented cultural work for children and teens. It brings people from different backgrounds (social status, education and nationalities) together. Besides the professional training the groups also learn how to communicate, how to solve conflicts, to take responsibilities for themselves and others, some of them start to develop a new perspective for their life. Performing is one of the concepts milestones, it brings public apperception, approval and acceptance.

KABAWIL’s work always emphasises on the actual and future living environments of the participants, based upon biography works with the various groups. KABAWIL’s team consists of professional actors and educators with different cultural backgrounds.
KABAWIL’s work per annum involves about 300 adolescents and can be devided into the following project categories:
A. Working with teens without a school leaving certificate and without perspective for their future (Move it )
B. Annual dance theatre production with 25 teens of various backgrounds and professional actors based on a sociopolitical relevant topic developped with the group and if funded, performances abroad, like cultural exchange programms – Wer hat Angst vorm Schwarzen Mann?, Leyla und Madschnun, Enchiridion, Simulacra and many more.
C. Dance/Rap/Spoken Word projects in continuation with young men in juvenile prison.
D. Cross generations projects – dance theatre Geht doch and Gezeitencafe.
E. Gender related projects.
F. Exchange programms with collaborations in Ghana, Turkey, Japan, Israel, the Netherlands, South Africa, Aethiopia and many more.
KABAWIL has twice been awarded the North Rhein Westphalia Youth Cultural Prize for Hungryfeet (2004) and Wer hat Angst vorm Schwarzen Mann? (2008)

KABAWIL e.V. Flurstraße 11, 40235 Düsseldorf,

T. +49.211.936 55 00, info@kabawil.de

linie2Framewalk wird gefördert durch das Ministerium für Kinder, Familie, Flüchtlinge und Integration des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

in collaboration with:

  • UCT University of Cape Town, Drama Department.
  • University of Ghana, the School of Performing Arts, Accra
  • Haduwa, Arts and Culture Institute
  • Haifa University, Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Hecht Arts Center, Theatre Dept.
  • Städtepartnerschaft Düsseldorf/Haifa
  • Internationales Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Kiebitz, Dusiburg.
  • Canakkale Rotary Kulübü, Universität Çanakkale, Canakkale Cagid.
  • Dance Box Kobe
  • Auswärtiges Amt
  • Ernst-Poensgen Stiftung
  • Van Meeteren Stiftung
  • ANA
  • BKJ (Bund kultureller Jugendarbeit)
  • Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf
  • Goethe Institut Osaka
  • Deutsche Schule Kobe/European Schooland many more.

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Team Kabawil e.V.:
Project Management: Petra Kron
Artistic Director (Dance/Choreography): Othello Johns
Financial Management: Dr. Reinhold Knopp
1. Chairwoman: Andrea Kron-Petrovic
2. Chairwoman: Sabine Hamm

Blog, webmaster and photo-documentation: Katja Stuke
Photos framewalk 2016: Katja Stuke & Niyani Quarmyne
Video-documentation: Stephan Fritsch