In reference to air what is gender to you and why?

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Fog. You don’t see what is behind. Jessi

Fart of a small baby, releases easily without fear or discrimination. West

Oxygen. We all use oxygen, it does not discriminate who needs it. Gift

The silence after the storm, once you find yourself you are calm. Gerret

Belch. It’s a sign of satisfaction to any gender not because of rudeness, but it symbolizes alleviation. Toivo

Fart. All humans fart (strong or soft) regardless of gender. Helena

Air in the forest after rain, it smells fresh like you were washed afresh of your hidden self. Maxime

Helium gas, it’s colourless, odorless, tasteless and non – toxic. Gender is open, free and flexible. Pau

The air in a bubble, you can see the outside but not the inside. Just as you see a person and cannot identify their gender from appearance. Mari

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If gender were a colour which colour will it be and why?

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A rainbow, because it is diverse and also able to move smoothly into the other comfortably. Cecilijah

Colourless, colour implies specificity and for me gender has no specific thing. Gift

Red, because we all bleed red in the end despite our differences. Paula

Black, because you cannot see through it easily, the same way I see gender. Those around can see it but you are the only one who deeply knows. Gerret

Black. It is said when all colors are combined it creates black. We are all one at the end. Chantell

Gray. There are different shades of gray, just like there are different types of genders. Bret

Blue. It’s the most popular color for both men and women. Even though some men and women consider brown and orange unpopular respectively. Helena

Rainbow. Since nowadays there is no clear definition for gender or let’s say the border in-between. It is about individuality, that’s why I feel that the rainbow represents gender best. Tyshea

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Arriving from Windhoek

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Day Four

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If mumɔ were a color, which color will it be and why?

Blue. The colour of the sky, without clouds on a bright day. Selby

Blue. It reminds me of the strength of waves. Gerret

Turkys Blue. In the Asian color scale turkys blue is the color of happiness and opening up to people. To me it describes a large part of my identity. Naomi

White. It symbolizes transparency. It is very difficult to determine its motives, but within it has so many tings. Joseph

Green, it represents freshness, when a person is feeling hot, the wind makes the person feel refreshed. Doreen

Translucent white. Just like emotions, we need a 2nd and critical look through them to really see and understand what’s on the other end. Ato

Yellow. The colour of joy. Roanito

Green. It beautifies environment and gives some sort of inspiration. Again without plants and trees we wouldn’t breath. Edward

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Petra Kron signing a »Memorandum of Understanding« with the dean at the School of Creative Arts of UEW University of Education Winneba, Ghana.

Day Three.

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If mumɔ were a movement, sound or activity, which one will it be and why?

Rapping. You need to control your breath in and out in order to be clear and audible. Doreen

Spinning. It creates wind and wind let’s us recognize there is air. Gerret

Strong wind at a coast. Concentrating on my breath I start connecting with forgotten memories, so clear as if I were in that moment although I’m at the sea. Naomi

The sound of a pulse. The alternation of silence and a beat. Joseph

A volcanic eruption. It takes a while for me to show the power of my emotions. I let them rumble in the deep, then they swish as they move up rapidly until they finally explode. Ato

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Day Two.

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In reference to the state of matter, what is mumɔ and why? (solid/liquid/gas)

Gas. It fills a space and it changes atmospheres. Doreen

Liquid. It is nearly fluid that conforms to the shape of its container and remains a constant volume. Selby

Liquid. Life comes onto earth inside of water. (baby) Gerret

Gas. Mumɔ is a spirit that has no force or color. It is an energy that people give without knowing. Almost not existing. Naomi

Gas. It is everywhere at the same time, I can”t see it, but I can feel it. Its emotions are expressed by how strong it comes at you or how subtle it passes. Joseph

Gas. Mumɔ to me is a form of life. Life on this planet started in this same way. Faraz

Solid, liquid and Gas. Being solid is how I stay grounded. Being liquid allows me to flow and feel the spaces that allow me to flow. Being gas means I can achieve all the states as gentle as the breeze or buoyant as the wind. Ato

Solid. Mumɔ gives you strength, energy and it relaxes your mind, body and spirit. Roanito

Liquid. It easily adapts /adjusts to new environment, cause it doesn’t have a fixed shape. Angelica

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Winneba 2019. Day One.

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What is mumɔ to you personally and why?

The air taken into the system in order to give life. Unseen but felt. Doreen

It clears my foggy mind and helps strengthening my muscles. Selby

The feeling I have when I close my eyes and your Mum) is still bz my side. Gerret

Memory and time. People are made of multiple memories. Over time those memories make your own story. Naomi

My life source, without it life never begins. Joseph

The first breath of a new born child, without this first breath there is no life. Faraz

A song pulsating, ready to erupt from within me. My emotional life craves freedom and I believe it will come through my voice. Ato

It is a book of knowledge. I inhale the authors exhale of knowledge. Roanito

It’s my body, without it I can’t dance. Angelica

It”s my guide, it’s my map. It directs me to what feels good or bad. Dena

Laughing with people I love, it enlightens and energizes me. Maxime

Spirit. We don’t see breath, just as we don’t see spirit. When breath halts, the body is dead. Priscilla

Simply life. Each inhalation leads to exhalation. It keeps me calm and allows to think deeply and to gain more energy. Seyram

letting go and calming down because there are many situations that I needed that. Julian

It’s life and without it there is no spirit. When furious or upset, I sit down, breathe in and out several times and let go of everything. Kirk

The 6th sense. Feeling within yourself. Warmth. Mari

Personality. I believe the meaning of ones’ life is who she/he is. Akambo

For me, mum) is the spirit residing in the breath, because the breath is what fuels the body and my source of life. Teya

Breath. Exhaling properly and fully, you can breath out toxins, like carbon-dioxide, and allow fresh oxygen to flood back in. Mohammed

A force that brings energy. Although it is not tangible, it can be sensed, felt and used. Akosua

Breath of life. Life is nothing more than breathing in and out. Vanessa

The ability to inhale something that we don’t see, but exists and gives us life. Belloe

An energy or force that moves something. A feeling that leads one to move. Edward