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The Final Presentation

What did you personally take with you…

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Question of Day 5

What did you personally take with you from this Framewalk and why?

Honesty, a lot of honesty was shared during the workshop and among the people. Faraz

Self confidence and the desire to try new things. Leo

I am going away with having developed myself. Julio

I learnt the importance of using what I feel to create movements. Eugenio

Since the first day love was in everything that everybody shared, so I take love with me. Estreanty

I am filled with the knowledge of using my body to express myself. Matanyane

Togetherness, I felt oneness was given by all. Oswaldo

Creativity shared by all the participants. Maxime

I learned a lot as a dancer, I feel stronger and more secure now to face the future. Judith

Freedom to try new things and engage with new people. Sufaida

The collective spirit of the group, the togetherness as family and the cold rain. Paulo

The ability to adopt to challenging situations and new people. Teya

The knowledge that my body can always go for more and not be afraid of my body. Marie-Lena

My dance instructor made me aware of my insecurity and told me to work hard to trust myself in the future. Tyshea

The fact that this whole week  just passed in a twinkle, it gives me the sense of here now, then gone. I learnt to take in every moment as it comes. Marisa

The encouragement that there is nothing like failing. Just try as you try  and you are already in it, doing it. Lisa

Group Dynamic, I learnt to connect my ideas with other people’s and make it one. NBC

The need to be flexible in my creative process, also how to create and present in a short time. Edna

The knowledge that in dance even though we use our body we also use our imagination (Soul). Louisa

The experience of reaching a goal through flexibility and openess within a group. It provides freedom for creativity, thus creating joy of living. Magdalena

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"Framewalk", a multi-disciplinary cross-cultural performance workshop by Kabawil, featuring participants from Germany and Mozambique, in Düsseldorf October 2017.

If this space was gender…

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Question of Day 4

If this space was  gender, which gender would it be and why?

Male This space to me breathes in and out just like men at work. Paulo

Female  It has a softness and is so delicate that it leads us to float with thoughts and feelings to the extreme. Eugenio

Female It has the ability to take in and give birth. Oswaldo

Female It opens itself to receive all (artists) who come in, willing to learn.  Julio

Male  This space has a lot of energy, almost the same as I get from my father Luisa

Female  Since this space reminds me most of my mother, who influenced me the most from childhood on. Faraz

Male  I find this space demanding, just like men. Magdalena

I dont care if this space is male or female, I just care this space is good, forget about gender. Estreanty

This space has no gender for me, gender is dead. Lisa

Male & Female  I think this spcae is a mix of both in one. Matanyane

Gender Fluid  it’s constantly in motion and everything. Teya

Female Femininity is love, intuition, creativity and peace, just like this space. Tyshea

Male & Female The union in this space shows no gender, this space is neutral. NBC

Male & Female In general this space forms a single body of both. Judith

This space for me has no gender, it’s not relevant, we are souls. Marisa

Transgender it has a human atmosphere with no clear definition, Marie-Lena

Female Like in the arms of a loving mother, it brings us together, no matter who we are or where we’re  from. Leo

Male I am attracted by the male gender and this space attracts me likewise. Sufaida

Female It gives birth and creates new life. This space begets and creates performanes. Maxime

This space is of a third gender, gender free and free of sterotypes. Edna

Which movement/action/sound represents…

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Question of Day 3

Which movement/action/sound represents this space to you and why?

Hug  Makes me feel more connected when I am here with everyone. Estreanty

Fight I feel this is a challenge for me to find success in my life in theatre. Sufaida

A higher movement with the chest in the air, like an explosion of creativity.

Couragious movement  It helps me to enjoy all different positions. With fear I could not enjoy this space, so fear nothing when you move. Edna

Fluid Movement  I feel myself travelling in space and I have moments of learning. Judite

Jump Every leap is a renewal of a deeper feeling of reality and imagination, Eugenio

Distance sound Almost too quiet to be heard, but filling this space with its presence. Leo

Openess  A mental and physical focus that is ready to give and receive. Oswaldo

Bird This sound of sound means freedom and peace to me. I get that in this space. NBC

Chest out This movement allows me to look up in the air to feel this space. Paulo

A bass guitar Is the heart beat of music to me. This sound represents this space to me. Julio

Squatting To me it’s a movement of submission to learn and give. Luisa

Fast Walking During the warm up session, it creates an amazing energy.  Lisa

Feet Stumping it grounds me so I can establish a balance in my spirit. Tyshea

Hugging The way we all can hug each other when we are together. Matanyane

Rain drops They are all on their own, but together they are stronger and the best version of themselves. Maxime

A Spiral movement It sucks all potentials of the group in. Magdalena

Thrumm, thrumm, thrumm like a steady constant heart beat. Teya

Spontaneous movement, the jumping with blind fold in this space is therapeutic,  get to know myself and to build up my confidence. Marisa

Day Three / Day Four

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"Framewalk", a multi-disciplinary cross-cultural performance workshop by Kabawil, featuring participants from Germany and Mozambique, in Düsseldorf October 2017.

Which emotion…

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Question of Day 2
Which emotion represents this space to you and why?

We never know where we are going, we just go. Marisa

Happiness: It’s like my world and makes me feel so good. Oswaldo

Anxious: The different artistic expressions and the  everyday things I see  here take my breath away. Eugenio

Curiosity: It’s like a new place i want to explore with the people around me. Leo

Joy: I am always surrounded by creative people of truth. Judite

Nostagia: I like the challenge this spcae brings with every little thing it comes with. Edna

Happiness: The activities that happen in this space bring me lots of excitement. Julio

Pain: I am challenged to answer questions everyday. Teya

Uncertain: This space seems uncertain, but the people, the ideas and new experiences openit up. Maxime

Desire: I have the feeling to take in all the spirits of the different people. Magdalena

Warmness: Like hot chocolate on a cold day. Lisa

Happiness: It’s green and i can breath the freshness into me. Luisa

Peace of Mind: It’s a quiet place and different from my own city. NBC

Happiness: Two different cultures together, I find that unique and it makes me happy. Paulo

Nostalgic: Many beautiful things are happining, so much pleasure and struggle at the same time. Tyshea

Empathy: So many things are coming to me, I just open myeslf to them. Marie-Lena

Nostalgic: Remembering the rich days i spent with all these beautiful souls. Faraz

Love: Whenever I get here i find myself, then I find people who share love in different ways artistically. Estreanty

Happiness: I feel like a kid here,I can dance, play and laugh so much as though we were brothers and sisters, young and old. Sufaida

Day Two / Day Three

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"Framewalk", a multi-disciplinary cross-cultural performance workshop by Kabawil, featuring participants from Germany and Mozambique, in Düsseldorf October 2017. Final presentation: Oct. 6, 2017

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Invitation: Final Presentation

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The Festival begins at 6pm with a unique introduction to the work of Kabawil.

7pm final presentation of Framewalk Maputo/Düsseldorf: dance, music, theatre on internal and external geographies
Framewalk Düsseldorf: exploring emotional geographies inside out
Framewalk will be opening the [wa:|wa:] festival.

Bringing together performers from Maputo/Mozambique and Düsseldorf, this cross cultural workshop week has enabled performing artists and students from different cultures and countries to explore, compare and transpose their internal and external geographies in the Kabawil space.

Fri. 6 Oct. at 6 pm at Flurstraße 11 (Hinterhof) 40235 Düsseldorf

Day One

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"Framewalk", a multi-disciplinary cross-cultural performance workshop by Kabawil, featuring participants from Germany and Mozambique, in Düsseldorf on 2 October 2017. Final Presentation will be on Oct 6 in Düsseldorf.

What is the soul of this space to you and why?

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Question of the Day: One

A twinheaded orange bird coming from far to bring us its message. Faraz

Diversity in unity Different and interesting people, who respect each other with no prejudices. Tyshea

Rain Beaten by rain, you get wet and feel cold. It gives an unusual feeling of freshness. Maxime

Environment It feels real and I experience it.  Matanyane

Interaction All realities, things and people interact with emotion. Edna

Peace It makes me feel at home, as in my country, a mix of nature and houses. Sufaida

Earth  The land is welcoming and makes me feel at home.  Paulo

Peace It provides a possiblility to rest on a long travel. Magadalena

Tranquility The green of the trees and the singing of the birds gives me this feeling.  Eugenio

Love  A lov that everyone shares with one another. Estreanty

Happiness and Curiosity The expectation of something new and the desire to go deeper into what is given. NBC

Creativity I get an artistic feeling, so sacred in the context of soul, body and spirit. Oswaldo

Rules  Specific activities to be taking place at specific times. Julio

Alive  A living space that keeps changing with sensitivity and influence. Leo

Peace and Happiness People here give me positive energy and gladden my soul. Luisa

Love The energy here is togetherness without judgement. Lisa

Excitement  We are so many people around with different creative energies. Marie Lena

The Studio It’s magical when different ingredients make a great omlet. The ingredient being different people. At the end something great is created. Marisa

Heartbeat  It feels warm and every thing is connected. Teya

Rhythm It leads me in and around and brings me in and out of this space.  Judite


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framewalk 2017 in Düsseldorf with a team of young students and art instructors from Germany and Mozambique will be part of  Kabawil’s [wa:|wa:] Festival. Find out more about the festival here»». More about framewalk soon here on this website.


Question of the Day. Five.

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 How will you describe Framewalk in reference to space?

A big mall made up of different cubicles. Miracle

A place for meeting new people, working and sharing experiences. Enis

A place full of great people with diverse cultures. Victor

A state of mind that learns and experiences diversity with desire to share. Bukunmi

A place for collecting and distributing information. Jacob

A place where there is nothing like impossibility. Yakubu

An arena of multiple talents. Akambo

An opportunity to use your creativity and ideas with people. Wonder

A school where various disciplines are taught and talents nurtured. Alfred

A unified body consisting of different ideas and opinions. Benedicta

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Question of the Day. Three.

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Which sense represents the place you researched and why?

Sight. I was able to move towards certain different directions and things. Esther

Touch.  I felt their pain, joy and laughter through my muscles. Adele

Sight, a place full of different varieties. Alfred

Sight.  They have a leader and imitate what he does. Wonder

Hear.  There were different sounds that made the ambiance unique. Bukunmi

Hear.  People made the same sound but in different variations. Awa

Hear.  The heartbeat of the slam lay in the stories I listened to. Enis

Touch.  The heat from the sun was controlling my movement. Marie-Lena

Smell.  A peculiar smell that was easy to identify but difficult to trace. Evelyn

Humour.  Serious issues were tackled in a light hearted manner. Akambo

Hear.  It was easy to identify different sounds. Angelina

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Question of the Day. Two.

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Describe the space you researched in one sentence please.
37 trotro station, Marina Mall, Estate temporary dwellings.

A place that breeds loves. Ato

Crowded but filled with empowerment and togetherness. Suh

Loud and chaotic on one side and very calm on the other. Angelina

A place of convergence for traders, buyers and public transportation. Seyram

Leaving a mark is great but tapping from the environment is key. Esther

Very busy with business. Akambo

An organised chaos. Miracle

Old and rusty, though vivid and alive in each corner. Enis

Survival of the fittest. Bannerman
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Question of the Day. One.

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If space was a colour, what colour would it be and why?

BUKUNMI: White It is a unified colour. It allows different imprints and gives my audience the opportunity to find themselves in my space.

ANGELINA: Yellow It is bright and open.

SAMUEL: Black It signifies power. This gives me the ability to explore within my space.

YAKUBU: Black It represents courage. It reminds me of the struggle of my fore-fathers.

ATO: Brown It gives me a sense of connection between the seen and the unseen.

ALICIA: Red It’s colourful and broadens my horizon. Giving me the ability to be more creative

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