Every day during each framewalk the participants answer a »Question of the Day« dealing with the main topic of each workshop week. Here you find some. There are more to come…

Urban/Rural. Maputo—Düsseldorf 2016

If your Urban/Rural space was a sense what would it be and why?
Rural, Taste. It reminds me of the freshness of lemon grass.
Urban, Sight. There are different things and surprises to see. David

Rural, Touch. I experience my environment by touching.
Urban,Hearing. A city is loud and it reveals itself with its noise. Melih

Urban, Touch. You get in contact with human.
Rural, Hearing. I receive so much from nature that it is unavoidable. Esteban

Rural, Hearing. In my rural space the most important thing is to hear in order to feel. Thus peaceful sounding space would make me calm.
Urban, Sight. In an urban space its impossible to move towards any direction without seeing what is happening around you. Odwa

Urban, Sight. I see and analyze what is around, humans make all things and analyze all things made.
Rural, Touch. You are in your body, touch means understanding, I am.  Our body is from nature. Touch reminds me that I am an animal, a human that is coming from nature. Dariya

Rural, Smell. It refreshens me and gives me ideas.
Urban, Hearing. The noise of the city makes me feel home or totally alone. Marie-Lena

Rural, Touch. In that space I can feel the heat in the air around me like a blanket.
Urban, Sight: It is the main way to perceive my surrounding. The noise of the city and the constant sound of words I don’t know. Teya

Urban, Smell.  There are so many people in transition, many shops, many stores, many restaurants, many fumes and many movements.
Rural, Touch. My skin catches things in a different way and I always have the sensation to touch things. Marisa

Se o teu espaco urbano/rural fosse um sentido, qual seria?

Se o meu espaco  Urbanp fosse um sentido seria a caminhar numa caixa sem ar.
Se o meu espaco rural fosse um sentido seria o degustar de uma paz inspiritual. Eugenio

Por mim nao me sentiria a vontade por ficar encomodado por sistema diferente. Ao mesmo tempo seria ter dois momentos que nao faz sentido. Matanyane

Urbano – visao/vision. Ha muita circulacao de material.
Rural – sexto sentido, no rural tudo vai para a alma. Estreante


Encounter. Düsseldorf—Accra 2016


Define with one of the sences your first encounter as a framewalker during the meet and greet session and why?

I felt my heartbeat. Because of excitement, joy and anxiousness. Francesca

The encounter hit my ears, already before even placing one foot into the building. So many powerful voices that empowered each other spiralling up into a common moment of joy and laughter. Tim

The smell of a tropical fruit market. Because of all the colourful and delicious fruits.
Prince: I felt comfort and understanding, because there was some form of connection among the framewalkers. Celia

I got to know the rest of the participants through the words or introductions made about them. I heard their names and about their personalities. With my ears I paid attention. Christian

I saw beautiful people with amazing talents and warm smiles and hearts that make me forget about any worries. Evelyn

I saw a big sea of faces, familiar and non-familiar. Teya

I saw everything. The encounter appears as a colourful rainbow of possibilities.
Angelina: It tastes like cold fruit juice, because different individuals came together with a cold taste of something new. Melih

Superb as with my eyes I saw different people with different creative skills. Esther

There was a sense of warmth in the room feeling excitement in the air. Yaa Yaa

Full of powerful colours. David

It smelt like the aroma from a buffet of different recipes because everybody had something distinct to share. Dr So

Seeing, as if I was locked up. Carl

A clear and thoughtful talk and welcoming voice. Marouf

New faces, nice pretty and handsome faces, everyone was happy. Alicia

With my skin I felt the energy of everyone around. Sarah

The eagerness to get to know new friends and learn something new. Benjamin

It was very involving, nice interaction. Samera

The smell of the bigger space turned to smell of bodies. The feeling of not being alone grew into my conscience. Eric

I saw and experience a positive energy and connection since everyone was ready to share. Sena

I saw the real of connection between us, ready for the battle. Samira

My eyes saw different humans from different nations with different talents, coming together for one reason. Justina

I was looking around the room and seeing all the peoples faces, all the different countries and backgrounds was very interesting. Nick

My sense of sight was interrupted by a creative interaction between a comedian and a rapper. Bella

I felt I naturally connected with everyone because of how welcoming they were. Angelica

I felt very comfortable after getting to know every participating party due to their ways of conversating, even though I normally am not too good with crowds, and welcoming one into their midst despite of feeling a little nervous since I have never had such an experience before. Bill


Conflict. Düsseldorf—Capetown 2015

Name a concflict that was beneficial for your life!

How do I begin to tell of this ungenuine thunder within my soul? I chose to walk away and never come back. Charlotte

I fought a lot against my own body and accepting myself the way I am has changed everything for me. My feet glide across the floor, my soul is more at ease, I am in peace. Lauren

I lost a friend because of a real stupid reason. That made me realize to be careful who to call a friend and who not. Melih

When I voice out my opinion or present an idea not everyone will agree with the idea, but they will speak and voice out their opinion and I will learn from that.

My parents got divorced when I was three years. I am the man that I am today because I was raised by a strong single mother. Sizwe

When I told my parents I want to study drama, we fought verbally now I’m doing what I love in Germany. Matthew

A conflict which showed me that the word „family“ doesn’t always mean a familymember like aunty or something. Angelina

I was struggling to find my career (in music or something more serious). I wanted to make my parents happy, but needed to do it for me. Liesl

A conflict with myself and my friends actually gave me the power to take the decision and braveness to become a dancer. Tyshea

My silence will speak for itself. I use to argue with people who were very unlike me and learned that we are similar individuals and in some sense there is always something that binds us: conflict. Sanchia

It was horrible when I tried to get my drivers licence The teacher said, I’ll never make it. I said, I will. Now I can drive a car. Jack

»The Rhodes must fall« movement at UCT changed me for the better. Tank

Moving into my own appartement. Betty

I have always been looked down upon and it affected me. But through learning more about myself and my surroundings I gained confidence. Odwa

Changing majors. Faraz

I gave my best. For some it wasn’t good enough. But I’ve learned that you have to be happy with myself and with what I do. Sarah

I had an arguement with my teacher and because of that conflict between us we became good friends and he helped me get into university. Dustin

Conflict with myself. Dariya

Instead of disliking a performance in general, I’d rather reflect on what exactly bothers me and I might like it afterwards. Alex

The first time I allowed myself to be the opposite of what I had always wanted to be – dumb. Shona


Diversity. Accra, Apam 2015

Explain how it would be
if you found yourself 
between diversity and unity.

I will be indifferent yet hold a strong view of finding who I am and how my uniqueness can help create a wholeness. Sena

Both are two distinct elements so I would be confused on how to merge the two become one. Christian

It would cause me to be curious. Since unity is deposit to university I would be curious  to know how it feels like on both sides. Evelyn

It would be an inner conflict. Angelina

I would feel like I am sitting between two chairs and don’t know where my place is. Betty

A mixed feeling  in order to reconcile both sides, I would identify one common element from both sides and live with it. Seyram

I would be like a baby born in Ghana by an Egyptian mother and a Chinese father living in Mexico and bringing these worlds together in my own space. Samira

I stay in between them and create a new world because unity alone is boring and diversity is dangerous. Melih

I would be lost. Jack

I would be like a bridge. Justina

I take time to understand both, diversity and unity and to get to know how they can meet in the middle. Yaa Yaa

I would feel strange but important. Patrick

If I were stuck between diversity and unity, I would love to go to diversity and see all the different people, but also to unity so I could feel at one with everybody. Nick

I’d be happy, because unity and diversity seem like pretty chill dudes. Teya

Intimidated because I don’t know how I will be treated. Kamal

I will be dynamic and confident because I will have a feeling of the two, so I can do both. Francis

It woud be strange since they both need each other. I would be lost. Benjamin

Like being lost in love and madness at the same time, the feeling is both good and crazy at the same time. Karl

I would try as much as possible to bring them together and break the gap between them to loving, together-ness and strength. Nana

I would think of or find a way of pulling unity and diversity towards me. Esther

I think it belongs to the situation. It can be utopia but also hell. Wiebke

Home. Cape Town 2014

If home was a movement, how will it move?

Fluidity as in water, as there is a constant flow of events that only end when we go to sleep. Matthew

Giving a high five the way it associates with victory or congratulating. Sizwe

An hour and a half freestyle contemporary dance movements in a dark studio and when the sweat runs down my body and my breath becomes heavy but centered. I never feel more alive. Lauren

Sliding a hand from the forehead down the cheek to the chin. Tyshea

Like a cat elegant, poised and strong. Bella

Waves, going away and coming back again. Alex

Tortoise, it is very cautious, subtle  and gentile. Benso

Like the elephant, slow but confident who leaves a trail of foot print wherever it goes. Angelina

The movement of a swing the way it goes up and down, it represents a journey with highlights and lowlights. Odwa

A warm embrace, this reminds me of visiting home and receiving my parents’ embrace after a long time. Kiro

It would be the swinging of hips from side to side as my Mum loves music and dancing. Tankiso

The movement of trees reminds me of the wind in Cape Town so when I see trees move, it gives me a sense of home. Dustin

A moving tree, it sways from side to side, like emotions are changing. Eric

Like a SA protest march, unity in a fight for common aspiration. Shona

The sound of a river flowing into the ocean, this is home. Charlotte


Fraternity. Addis Abeba–Düsseldorf 2013

What is your vision of fraternity? And why?

My vision is flexibility. I need my fraternity to be flexibly enough to open up and accept different people and adapt to change. Jude

Dialogue. If we learn to dialogue with ourselves then we can as well be able to dialogue with others and I believe people should be more listeners than just talkers. Dariya

Building Brotherhood and Sisterhood.
This is very important for peace, security and development. Atsedemariam

Working to develop and change together.
Individualism will not bring success to any life, as unity makes strength for every aspect of life. Serome

Love is the only thing we need, it is all about to love and be loved in return. Luna

Create strong relations in love. Loving each other is to make life easy for every one and to be happy together. Kidest

No boundaries and no prejudices. Honesty and individuality are the main elements for my fraternity. Angelina

To give, help and spend a memorable time and support each other in the most important ideas for life. That is how we survive and make the world a better place. Abenezer M

No expectation, no excuses, no rules, full commitment, true love, intense passion and be ready for it, anytime, worldwide. And why? We are humans, we are living, we are dying … Together … Anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Muk

Honesty, so you can depend on each other. Eric

Sharing brother/sisterhood with the ones who haven’t experienced it. Binyam

To feel responsible for each other and not just go for your own goals. Then we had more justice and less pain. Johanna

To bring brother/sisterhood to all people and share it. Kidus

Peace is the most important for fraternity. Dereje

By understanding and communicating with each other we create a sound for the rest of the world. Abebow

Communication is the most important for brother/sisterhood. Minyahel

Stop racism and fight discrimination in color, religion and thought.
All human beings are equal, all borders must be broken down by fraternity. Everybody shall be able to live anywhere in the world. Fraternity can stop selfishness and eliminate borders. Respect, care for and love each other. Genene